Troubleshooting MDX queries has never been so easy!

SQL Server Management Studio + Analysis Services Query Analyzer
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Formula Engine usage vs Storage Engine usage

These two graphics show the amount of time spent in the Formula Engine versus the amount of time spent in the Storage Engine by SSAS during the MDX query resolution (with COLD or WARM cache).

This is one of the most important info in order to understand where problems (if any) could reside and, if done manually, requires a lot of activities.

Where does the data come from?

Inside this section it is really easy to understand from where (Aggregations, Partitions or Caches) all the data required to solve the query are retrieved.

You can see aggregated data through a bar chart or more detailed data in a grid containing all the info regarding every single read.

It also provides info about the Computation Mode used by the engine to solve the query.

Enhanced Trace Events

Trace Events not only visualize all the Trace Events collected during the analysis execution, but also allows to filter all the events by their Class and Subclass to better analyze the traces.

Furthermore, it can show, for every single event, the values that all Performance Counters had in the same point in time.

Another feature you can no longer work without.

Execution Timeline

Execution timeline gives an incredible power to the analysis because by using it, is possible to "see" when every single event happened along the timeline (in this example Partitions reads) and to verify the value that every single Performance Counter had in that precise moment.

For a more detailed analysis, it is also possible to zoom in a specific time slot and even to move along the timeline with a cursor.

This is one of the features that makes Analysis Services Query Analyzer a powerful and irreplaceable tool for troubleshooting your MDX queries.

Formatting MDX code

Have you ever had problems with "cut & paste" MDX code from Excel? Tired to deal with "spaghetti code" MDX?

This feature is for you and "fills a gap" in SQL Server Management Studio since many, in the Microsoft BI community, felt its need.

Many of you will want to install Analysis Services Query Analyzer even just for this simple but invaluable feature.